Upcoming Federal Government Agencies Deadlines

Career Administrator

U.S. Department of State Virtual Student Foreign Service Internship Applications
Deadline: July 2-26, 2017

CIA: Summer 2008 Undergrad and Graduate Internships and Scholarship Programs
Deadline: August 14, 2017

DIA: Summer 2018 Student Internships
Applications Open: August 2017
PLEASE NOTE that some postings close as soon as a certain number of applications are received, so apply early!

FBI: Summer 2018 Honors Internships
Applications Open: August 2017

State Department: Summer 2018 Internships
Deadline: Mid-October 2017

NSA: Summer 2018 Intelligence Analyst Internship
Deadline: October 15, 2017


The Career Center is here to help! Remember that we have information on Intelligence and Security jobs and applications here, and Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy jobs here. Dreama and Hannah are happy to meet with you for an appointment during the summer, and PSG office hours will begin as soon as fall semester does. We can help with federal (and other) resumes, personal statements, cover letters, and more!

For students interested in, or exploring, jobs in intelligence and security, we'll be holding an Intelligence and Security Careers Day with lots of informational workshops and networking opportunities with professionals from the CIA and other organizations, so keep an eye on our events as the date approaches!