UNC Institute for Trauma Recovery: Research Bridge Year Opportunity

The University of North Carolina's Institute for Trauma Recovery is seeking highly talented baccalaureate or master's degree holders with an outstanding academic record and passion for research, to apply for a one year research funding opportunity sponsored by the federal government.

The goal of the Institute for Trauma Recovery is to advance understanding of the biological processes mediating recovery after trauma, and to use the latest scientific technology to develop individually tailored interventions that promote rapid recovery and prevent chronic symptom development. A primary responsibility of this individual will be to assist in the coordination of an ongoing large-scale prospective longitudinal study of sexual assault survivors. This may involve many skills and tasks, including

  • Conducting telephone surveys with participants
  • Tracking and monitoring participants through the studies
  • Training remote sites in study procedures
  • Maintaining daily/weekly communication with recruiting sites
  • Completing mock patients
  • Training new data collectors at recruiting sites

Other responsibilities will include working closely with a multidisciplinary research team to advance all studies in the research program. The duration of the program will be one year.


  • Individuals with disabilities 
  • Individuals from the following racial and ethnic groups, which have been shown to be underrepresented in biomedical research:
    • African Americans
    • Hispanic Americans
    • Native Americans
    • Alaskan Natives
    • Hawaiian Natives
    • Natives of the US Pacific Islands
  • Demonstrated interest in and wish to pursue research training in health-related sciences such as biology, psychology, or neuroscience while applying for admission to graduate or medical school. 
  • Excellent communication and problem-solving skills 

To apply
Interested individuals should send their CV and a personal statement (500 words maximum), describing their background and reason for interest in applying for the position to katharine_ricks@med.unc.edu.

Information regarding the research group can be found here.
To learn more about this funding opportunity, and for eligibility details, please visit: