Tips for Pre-Law Students: What Should I Say to Law School Recruiters?

Career Administrator

Wednesday, September 27th
12:00 - 3:00 PM
Newcomb 3rd Floor

The Graduate and Professional School Fair is only one week away! Over 35 law schools will be in attendance which means recruiters from each of these schools are traveling to UVA to speak with pre-law students. If you are a first year exploring the possibility of a future legal career or a fourth year preparing to apply (in the current application cycle or a future one), below are some questions you might ask representatives from each school. Also, consider checking out the schools in attendance ahead of time so you can create a plan for your arrival at the fair!

Law School Preparation (1st and 2nd Years)

  • What types of classes can I take that will help me prepare for law school?
  • How do you suggest an applicant determine whether to enter law school immediately after graduation or after working for a few years?
  • Are there any leadership, internship, or work experiences that you suggest as especially helpful in preparing for law school?
  • What skills should I develop in college that will be useful for law school?
  • Aside from strong GPA and LSAT scores, what characteristics do you most hope to see represented in an applicant? What components of an applicant's materials display such characteristics?

Admission Process (3rd and 4th Years)

  • What types of letters of recommendation are most helpful?
  • Is there an advantage to applying early?
  • When do you typically let applicants know about admissions decisions?
  • What percentage of matriculating students have taken time off after college graduation?

Curriculum (3rd and 4th Years)

  • In what ways does the curriculum prepare students for the Bar exam?
  • How is the first year program organized?
  • Are there course offerings based on areas of speciailization?
  • How are students selected for law journals or law review?
  • Are there clinical opportunities offered?

Law School Environment (All Years)

  • What makes your institution unique? What are you most proud of?
  • How would you describe faculty-student relationships?
  • How would you describe student relationships and the atmosphere among the student body?
  • How would you describe the "type" or characteristics of a student who is a good fit for this institution?
  • Tell me about the physical location of the instituion and how it impacts student life and opportunities.
  • What kinds of jobs do students take during their 1L and 2L summers?

Legal Employment (3rd, 4th Years)

  • What career services are offered to students and graduates?
  • What percentage of graduating students find jobs by graduation? Within 9 months of graduation?
  • How many students find jobs through job fairs and on-campus recruiting?
  • What kinds of jobs do graduates take after law school?
  • What percentage of graduates practice in the region around the school?
  • Does the law school have a mentoring program connecting students to alumni? Other programs that connect students to alumni (i.e. shadowing program, alumni mock interviews, networking events)?

Financial Aid (All Years)

  • How do most of your students pay for law school?
  • What criteria are used to award merit-based and need-based scholarships? What is needed to keep these scholarships?
  • What are the average costs at your school for tuition, room and board, and other expenses?
  • Does the law school have a loan repayment assistant program (LRAP) for graduates who go into public interest law? How many graduates are receiving LRAP support?
  • If you represent a state-supported institution, what are the criteria and procedures for obtaining state residency status while in law school?

Additional Resources

1. Each law school's website
2. Pre-Law Advising School Selection
3. NALP: National Association for Law Placement


Written by Melvin Walker, UVA Career Peer Educator