Summer & Fall Law Related Courses

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Want to take a summer course? Unsure what to take next fall? Check out these law related courses:

Note: This is not a complete listing of law-related courses or pre-requisite requirements. Please speak with your academic advisors and pre-law advisor when making course selections.

Pre-Law Summer 2017  
ANTH3220 Economic Anthropology
DRAM2070 Public Speaking
HIUS3753 The History of Modern American Law
PSYC2200 A Survey of the Neural Basis of Behavior
PSYC2600 Introduction to Social Psychology
SOC1010 Introductory Sociology
SOC2230 Criminology
SOC 2442 Systems of Inequality
SOC3410 Race and Ethnic Relations


Law Fall 2017  
BIOL 1040 The DNA Revolution in Science and Society
ECON2010 Principles of Economics: Microeconomics
MDST3405 Media Policy and Law
PHIL2650 Free Will and Responsibility
PLAP3810 Constitutional Interpretation
PLAP4810 Class, Race, and the Environment
PLAP4841 Seminar in Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
PSYC1010 Introduction to Psychology
PSYC2600 Introduction to Social Psychology
SOC1010 Introduction to Sociology
SOC2220 Social Problems
SOC2230 Criminology
SOC2442 Systems of Inequality
COMM3410 Commercial Law I
COMM3420 Commercial Law II
COMM3810 Business Ethics