Student Spotlight: Thomas Tsang, 4th Year, Commerce

Career Administrator


I was a Financial Advisory Consultant in New York City with Ernst & Young. My main assignment was to aide our small project team in providing financial stress-testing and regulatory framework assistance to a large financial services client in the city. Additionally throughout the summer, I worked on a presentation that evaluated the future of margin requirements for non-centrally cleared financial derivatives. Having interned with the Securities & Exchange Commission the summer prior, I felt that moving into the private financial consulting space made a lot of sense for me and it really made the transition very seamless.

How did you find out about EY and your internship? 

I actually first heard about the internship through some people from my internship the summer prior, but I formally learned about it more through CavLink/Handshake.

What was the interview process like? 

I had my first series of interviews on Grounds, and then I got invited back for a Super Day at their office a couple weeks later. The people I met and interviewed with throughout the process were awesome and many of them were UVA alums.

What are your post grad plans?

After graduation, I’m going back to EY in the same role as a staff member.