Student Spotlight: Richard Young, 4th Year, Chemical Engineering

Career Administrator


I worked at Eli Lilly in Indianapolis this past summer as a Technical Services/ Manufacturing Sciences intern. I worked on a purification team for the manufacture of insulin. My internship gave me experience working in a production team environment, where deadlines, regulations, and daily operations are all crucial. My project involved developing a tool that analyzed historical data to produce visual trends for key parameters of a chromatography step. My project helped indicate early signals of unwanted deviations and empower operators to understand the process science. Outside of work, Eli Lilly provided many opportunities for interns to network with executives, new hires, and other interns. Overall, I really enjoyed the internship. Eli Lilly does a great job giving interns meaningful projects and worthwhile experiences outside of work!

How did you learn about the Eli Lilly opportunity?

I found out about internship through a chemical engineering networking event. They also came to the fall engineer career fair. They contacted me for an on-grounds interview soon after the career fair. Within a few weeks of the OGI, they notified me about the decision.

Post-Grad Plans?

After graduation, I am working for ExxonMobil in Baytown, TX, right outside of Houston. I will be a part of the Chemicals Technology division.

How did you learn about the ExxonMobil opportunity?

I attended an ExxonMobil information session and visited them at the Fall Engineering Career Fair. A few weeks after an on-grounds interview, I was contacted by a representative from Baytown for a phone interview. After the call, they reached out to me for an on-site visit.