Student Spotlight: Mike Verdicchio, 4th Year, Computer Engineering

Career Administrator


I interned at Rolls Royce in Indianapolis doing softare development. My internship experience was amazing; I learned so many great programming languages, tools, and professional skills. Furthermore, I lived in an apartment complex with about 40 other interns, including some from UVA, so I was able to make some great friends and memories there.

After my first year, I also interned at Samsung Electronics in Seoul, South Korea. That was a phenomenal experience where I was able to take in a whole new culture while learning how computer processors function. This opportunity was through a brand-new program that UVA was running through the Global Internships project.

How did you find out about Rolls Royce?


What was the interview process like?

The interview process was not too bad for me. Unlike some of the other interns, my interviews were over the phone. One of them was a behaviorial interview with the HR department, and the other was a technical interview with the manager that I would soon be working with.

Post grad plans?

I'll be going back to Indianapolis to work for Rolls-Royce in the Graduate Development Program - a two year rotational program that lets you try different areas of engineering and get leadership and management skills.