Student Spotlight: Maggie O'Toole, 4th Year, Computer Science

Career Administrator


I spent this past summer interning in Austin, Texas. My internship was the Engineering Leadership Program at National Instruments. National Instruments is a producer of automated test equipment and virtual instrumentation software, and they’re a small company headquartered in Austin. My main assignment was in Technical Marketing where I was able to work independently on a project using NI’s LabView software. In addition throughout the summer, we were able to attend countless sessions on topics ranging from 5G technology to giving better presentations.

How did you find out about National Instruments?

I first learned about National Instruments after attending the career fair. I approached as many tables as I could, and that’s when I found NI.

Interview Process?

After I spoke with NI, I was called for an interview on grounds the next day. Then, there was a phone interview a few weeks later, followed up with an offer.

Post Grad Plans?

After graduation I’m going to be working for Amazon Web Services. My role is based on the support side, directly interfacing with customers to troubleshoot their systems they’ve developed through Amazon Web Services.

How did you find out about Amazon Web Services?

I got this position by applying through Handshake and talking to Amazon at the career fair.

Interview Process?

This was followed up with a pretty extensive online exam and then a phone interview and an on site interview.