Student Spotlight: Abby Steele, 2nd Year, Psychology

Career Administrator


I interned with the One Bread One Cup College Ministerial Internship Program at St. Meinrad Archabbey and School of Theology. We lead conferences for high school youth to help them better understand and prepare to lead different parts of the Catholic Mass in addition to trips around IN, KY, and TN, and taking theology classes at the school of theology.  Last summer I was the Instrumental Music Teaching Assistant, which means I helped lead a small group of high school students to prepare music and learn about the role of music in the Catholic Mass. 

How did you hear about One Bread One Cup?

During my first year, a fourth year friend of mine suggested that I apply. I thought it would be a good way to learn more about my faith, and living at a monastery in the midwest for the summer was definitely way out of my comfort zone.

What was the interview process like?

The interview was a 24 hour interview process consisting of small group interviews for the interviewers to see our teamwork dynamic as well as how we interacted with the other applicants in addition to two short individual interviews with staff members. There were a lot of small ice breaker questions initially that eventually lead to questions about leadership styles and working with youth. We spent the night in the Monastery's guest house and went to meals and prayer there as well with the internship coordination team. 

Next summer internship plans?

Summer 2017 I will actually be returning as part of the coordination team as the role of Associate Conference Manager/Technology Coordinator. During this internship, I not only had the chance to work with and help teach high school youth, but I also took shortened theology classes as well. Living in community with the other interns as well as having the chance to get to know the monks and staff at the monastery taught me a lot about hospitality (one of the main virtues of the Benedictine monks), knowing our own strengths and weaknesses and using that for the best of the intern community, as well as taking the time to get to know those people around you in the most genuine and sincere way. I had the chance to visit multiple new places for me such as the Grand Ole Opry and I had the chance to get to know myself and the Catholic faith better. I made some of my best friends and had the adventure of a lifetime.