Spring 2018 Scholarship/Fellowship Series

Career Administrator

It is never too early to start looking for scholarship and fellowship opportunities. The Spring 2018 Scholarship and Fellowship series takes place Mondays from 4-5pm at the Rotunda Multipurpose Room (121).

The spring series is helpful for students of all levels, but it is invaluable for third years (and older). Don't be among the fourth years who are looking for these outstanding opportunities in the fall, after deadlines have passed!  Transfer students are also encouraged to apply. Some opportunities are specifically geared towards students in STEM Fields, Sustainability, or Environmental Sciences. 

Here are just a few highlights; 

  • 5 February – An Introductory Workshop

Don’t know what national scholarships & fellowships are? Wondering what the point of pursuing any of them might be? Unsure of how you could me competitive? Come enjoy a chance to envision yourself as an applicant for these incredible opportunities. This workshop is most appropriate for first and second years or older students who have yet to be exposed to national scholarships & fellowships at the University of Virginia.

  • 12 February – Awards for STEM Students

There are just as many – if not more – opportunities for STEM students. This session will explore some awards specifically geared toward STEM students and a number of awards that many exclude from consideration but shouldn’t!

  • 28 February – Fulbright Forum

The third annual Fulbright Forum will take place, where a panel of former Fulbright US Student Award recipients are interviewed about their year abroad. It is an excellent opportunity for students to see the breadth of what is available through Fulbright and also meet some participants.

Special Note from Andrus G. Ashoo

Associate Director, Center for Undergraduate Excellence

"Students pursuing STEM degrees are underrepresented among our applicants. A big part of that is that they do not know about and are not encouraged to learn about the numerous opportunities available to them. While there is a general session specifically geared toward STEM students, every single one of the spring sessions includes an award for students in STEM fields". 

It is highly recommended that students of all years attend the series. A complete of list of scholarships and special events can be found here