Spring 2018 Course: Global Humanitarian Crises: Dilemmas, Leadership, and Action

Career Administrator

Spring 2017 course: PPOL 3295 ‘Global Humanitarian Crises: Dilemmas, Leadership, and Action’

Tu/Th 2:00-3:15

Kirsten Gelsdorf, Director of Global Humanitarian Policy, Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy

Open to all UVA undergraduates

Are you interested in a career in global humanitarian relief? Taught by a former United Nations official with 20 years of experience working in humanitarian crises all over the world, this course has been designed to give you the opportunity to dive into the critical ethical, operational and policy issues that define global humanitarian response today.  The protracted war in Syria, the ineffective international response to Ebola in West Africa, the increasing number of climate-induced disasters, trends of rapid urbanization, and increased refugee flows all dominate media headlines and global policy dialogues. This class has a strong focus on learning practical applied policy skills being used by practitioners to confront these issues.  By analyzing the current system for emergency aid delivery, comparing past and present crises, and evaluating the critiques of humanitarian assistance,  you will leave the semester with new insight on the complex world of global humanitarian aid and explore your personal views on how best to support vulnerable people around the world.