Spring 2016 Employer Relations Update

Career Administrator

There are a lot of myths about Career Services, but one of the most prominent is that career centers only support students interested in business or technology careers. While organizations in these areas tend to dominate campus recruiting programs across the country (simply because of their planned recruiting models and high staffing needs), these disciplines don’t reflect the diverse interests of UVA students.  Many students will pursue opportunities in consulting, finance, and technology, but our team is always looking to diversify UVA’s reach within other industries. Our goal is to create student development programs and experiential opportunities in areas like the arts, media, entertainment, policy, science, and youth development.

The Career Center relies on alumni and parent engagement to create opportunities and support students throughout their professional developments. As parents, there are numerous ways you can support these phases, but one of the most critical is offering your time to help students understand industry-specific trends and job search strategies. Whether it's the specifics of what goes into an advertising portfolio, the technical components within a financial valuation model, or trends in the healthcare industry, the Career Center is always in need of knowledgeable experts willing to share their expertise and career stories with aspiring students. The information you share goes a long way in helping UVA students stand out out against their peers from other universities. Most importantly, however, it supports students as they assess potential career paths. 

Please let us know if you’re interested in:

 Participating in a Simulated Career Fair

Approaching a company at a Career Fair can be intimidating--so let’s make it less frightening! Volunteer your time to participate in an event to simulate a company at a Career Fair and provide coaching to students on their pitches.

Reviewing Resumes

Marketing yourself and telling your story through written materials requires industry-specific background knowledge. The Career Center is always looking for support from alumni and parents to share this knowledge with students.

Conducting Mock Interviews

(remotely or in-person) These simulated interviews offer students industry-specific practice and prepare them for real interviews.

Hosting a reception in your hometown

The Career Center regularly hosts industry-specific networking receptions in various cities. The receptions are a great way for students connect with alumni, employers, and parents outside the walls of Charlottesville. We’re always looking for sponsors and reception hosts.

 Posting Jobs and Internships with your company or organization

Hire a Hoo! If your organization needs entry-level talent, look to UVA for your next hire.  You’re always welcome to send us a posting or connect us directly with your organization’s recruiter.  Once in contact, we will gladly host a strategy call to determine if UVA can appropriately support your organization's hiring needs.