Scholarships and Fellowships

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Looking for national scholarships and fellowships that provide opportunities for study, research, and professional experience?

The Center for Undergraduate Excellence has a TON of information about scholarships & fellowships! But wait--what is a national scholarship or fellowship? 

"A national scholarship or fellowship (sometimes called a nationally competitive scholarship) is a scholarship awarded to students from throughout the United States, as opposed to one aimed at students attending a particular educational institution. Applicants for these awards participate in national--or, in some instances, regional--competitions. These scholarships are generally administered by a private organization, such as the Rhodes Trust, or a government entity (e.g., the Truman Foundation). Some of them (e.g., Udall, Pickering) provide financial support for undergraduates. However, many of these scholarships are geared toward graduate studies."

Helpful resources include...

Come to the Spring 2017 Scholarship & Fellowship Series: Mondays from 4-5 pm at the Rotunda Multipurpose Room (121). There are sessions if you want a general overview, information on certain scholarships, or opportunities for specific fields. Look at the list of different sessions!

The Fulbright Program is a great opportunity for students who are interested in researching, studying, or teaching English abroad.