PSG/Healthcare Career Trek: US Diplomacy Center in DC

Career Administrator

When: Friday, March 23rd

Where: US Diplomacy Center, Washington DC

Who: Any student interested in foreign policy, global health, or both! 

If you've ever wondered what it might be like to work for the State Department as a diplomat addressing the global health crisis, then you won't want to miss the UVA Career Center's trek to the US Diplomacy Center, the first museum in the nation dedicated to diplomacy and to telling the stories of diplomats who have served and sacrificed for their country.

Spend half of your Friday with the PSG and Healthcare Career Communities learning more about the role of the State Department through a live 2-hour case simulation around the international HIV/AIDS crisis. You'll also receive a briefing from a U.S. State Department content expert in global development.

Register for this event today if you'd like to receive more information about how to apply for the trek! The UVA Career Center will follow up with more details about logistics and how to confirm your spot.