Podcast: Women at Work

Career Administrator

"Professional women get all kinds of advice — some of it helpful, some of it really unhelpful, and some of it nice-sounding but pretty impossible to use."

Chekc out this awesome podcast at hbr.org! These women from the Harvard Business Review discuss what it's like to carve out a space for women in their workplace. The hosts are Amy Bernstein, Sarah Green Carmichale, and Nicole Torres. Bernstein has held senior roles at ManpoerGroup, strategy+business, Business 2.0, The Industry Standard Brill's Content, and U.S. News and World Report. Carmichale is an executive editor at HBR. She hosts the HBR IdeaCast podcat and is a regular speaker and moderator at conferences like SXSW, the Drucker Forum, and Thinkers50. Torres focuses on new research related to gender, diveristy, and healthcare. She has written for the Boston Globe, Salon, and Details magazine. 

The experiences of these women is what makes their podcast so great! If you are going into a male dominated field like journalism, business, or STEM, listen to these gals for some tips and tricks of feeling confident in your job.