Openings at Deep Root Records NYC; For Immediate Hire

Career Administrator

Deep Root Records, New York’s premier independent record label, artist management, and event planning company, is currently looking for someone to join their team as a full time or part time Label Manager as well as a full time or part time Media Executive.

Label Manager 

The label manager will be responsible for organizing all aspects of upcoming record releases, coordinating marketing campaigns, for co-planning the label’s upcoming events and showcases, securing artist bookings, signing new artists as well as new records onto the label, and negotiating and preparing contracts. You will work directly with the Founders of the company to lead new business activities and acquisitions.


● Managing current artist roster and developing their career, both artistically and financially

● Coordinating advertising and marketing campaigns for future record releases, events, and tours

● Connecting with major companies and brands (within the entertainment and music industry) to sponsor Deep Root Records events, showcases, and productions

● Signing new artists and musicians for the label’s sync and licensing division

● Overseeing and managing event planning operations and promotions for the label’s events

● Administering legal activities, such as writing and negotiating contracts

● Tabulating and Maintaining detailed Profit & Loss Sheets

● Directing Publicity and Media Campaigns


● Bachelor’s Degree or currently enrolled in a 4 year university program (seniors only)

● Ability to work independently and/or in a team environment

● Strong communication, interpersonal, and presentation skills

● Advanced logical and mathematical skills

● Some experience with overseeing and managing a team of 4 or more people

● Working with and/or procuring sponsorships in the past is a plus

● Experience or strong interest in Budgeting And Accounting

● Proven leadership and management experience

● Excellent computer skills required (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs)

● Excellent writing and communication skills a must

● Wordpress And Website Editing Experience a plus

Media Executive 

You will lead all aspects of our label’s media & marketing initiatives. You will work directly with the Founders, setting the tone for the label’s overall visual, graphics, and creative materials for events, record releases, EPKs, and more. In addition, you will be in charge of the label’s social media presence and activities on all platforms, to keep its audience engaged. 


● Strengthening the label’s (and its artists’) branding presence and strategy

● Managing social media presence and campaigns for the label, it’s signed artists, and events

● Tracking response and click-through rate to find most effective platforms for promotions

● Creating, developing, and distributing sponsorship decks for large festivals

● Creating Artwork for record releases, the labels events, and the artists’ tours

● Acting as the internal point of contact with all outside graphic or video companies

● Coordinating, budgeting, and directing teaser videos and after movies for events

● Overseeing the creation of music videos showcasing the label’s records

● Maintaining timelines, as well as a high standard of quality for all creative media projects

● Composing creative guidelines and outlining terms for all third party graphic and video companies


● Bachelor’s Degree or currently enrolled in a 4 year university program (seniors only)

● Advanced Photoshop and/or InDesign Skills

● Experience with scheduling, posting, and running ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

● Experience with Final Cut Pro and/or basic video editing software

● Proven leadership skills and management experience

● Experienced computer skills (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Doc)

● Wordpress or website editing experience a plus

● Excellent writing and communication skills

● Passion for marketing, creativity, brand building, and the growing social landscapes

Ideal​ ​Candidate

● Ability to create a sponsorship deck as seen HERE

● Ability to create Cover Art / Album Art as seen on the following releases HERE

● If video experience, ability to create a release video as seen HERE


If you are interested in these positions, please submit your resume and a few sentences on why you think you are the perfect candidate for the job to