Maxine Platzer Lynn Women’s Center at UVA: Intern at the Women’s Center in 2017-18

Career Administrator

The Women’s Center’s internship program is a selective engaged scholarship opportunity in social justice advocacy. In this learning and leadership opportunity, classroom study is combined with working on one of several teams at the Women’s Center under the guidance of a member of our staff. The practical experience that our interns gain during the academic year provides a context in which they can better understand their coursework and a foundation upon which they can build careers in a variety of fields.

Women’s Center Programs on which Intern Teams Work

  • Body Positive/Eating Disorders Education
  • Iris Magazine (website)
  • Legal Clinic
  • Social Media Marketing Team
  • Men’s Leadership Project
  • Gender Violence and Social Change 
  • Women, Girls and Global Justice
  • Young Women Leaders Program

The application deadline is Wednesday, March 1 and click here to learn more and apply now!