Law-Related Courses Available for J-Term & Spring 2018

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Looking at courses for courses related to your interest in law during the winter or spring 2018 semesters? Consider checking out the courses below!

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J-Term 2018

ENSP 1600: Public Speaking

GSGS 3365: Conscious Social Change

HIST 4591: Why Did They Kill? Interpreting Genocide and its Perpetrators

MDST 3559: LA Media Industries

PLAP 3500: Contemporary Issues Under the First Amendment

PLIR 3500: Counterfactuals and Conflict

PSYC 4559: Criminal Minds - The Science of Forensic Psychology

SOC 2500: Hack the City - Human Ecology & Civic Design in an Urban Age

WGS 4800: Gender-Based Violence


Spring 2018

AAS 3500-008: Intermediate Seminar: Black Women & Mass Incarceration

COMM 3410: Commercial Law I

COMM 3420: Commercial Law II

ECON 3559: Political Law, Econ, and Experiment

ECON 4200: Antitrust Policy

EDHS 1120: So You Want to Change the World - Foundations of Community Engagement

EDHS 2950: Advocating for Youth - Making Your Ideas Matter

EDHS 3055: Development and Prevention of Youth Violence

EDHS 3100: Media Socialization, Racial Stereotypes, and Black Adolescent Identity

EDLF 3250: Intro to Citizenship & Activities - Critical Exam of Jefferson's University

EDLF 3610: Immigrant Youth and Families

EDLF 4610: Civil Rights Movement and Education

ENWR 2520: Public Speaking

ENWR 2700: News Writing

ENWR 3900: Career-Based Writing and Rhetoric

HIEU 3695: The Holocuast and the Law

HIUS 3753: The History of Modern American Law

PHIL 1410: Forms of Reasoning

PHIL 1740: Issues of Life and Death

PLAP 3820: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

PLIR 3060: Military Force in International Relations

PLIR 3310: Ethics and Human Rights in World Politics

PPOL 3295: Global Humanitarian Crises: Dilemmas, Leadership, and Action

PPOL 3450: Resilient Leadership for Teams and Teammates

PSYC 4559-003: Children's Law

RELG 2630: Business, Ethics, and Society

SOC 1010: Introductory Sociology

SOC 2052: Sociology of the Family

SOC 2220: Social Problems

SOC 2230: Criminology

SOC 2595: Immigration & Society

SOC 2630: Environment & Society

SOC 3410: Race and Ethnic Relations

SOC 4559-002: Race, Crime and Punishment