Last Minute Summer Plans

Career Administrator

Still unsure of your summer plans? No worries! There are plenty of opportunities left for you, regardless of what you are interested in.

Charlottesville Area

In general, Handshake is your best friend! There are still plenty of opportunities posted on the website. Use the filter function to find what is the best for you. Have coding chops? Our local startup Center for Open Science, is still up for hiring summer developer interns!

Consider working for UVA over the summer. The Career Center and Dining Services are still looking for summer workers to help with their summer operations. These positions are great because you are paid!

How about doing research with a professor over the summer? Many professors are more than happy to have students who could help with their research, and may even pay you for your work!

And there is always the option for summer classes. There are a slew of interesting classes in a variety of departments that you are take. Try exploring, or just getting your requirements out of the way!

Home Area

There are also plenty of ways to make your summer fulfilling even if you are back home. It is always an option to earn some money through summer jobs, which could allow you to pursue future study abroad and unpaid internship opportunities.  In addition, volunteering is an excellent way to give and gain experience in a field you are interested in. Also consider job shadowing someone who might be doing work you are interested in. Lastly, it is perfectly okay to just spend time with your family! In other words, take advantage of the last free time you may have in a while.