Job Opportunities in Blockchain in 2018

Career Administrator

Are you interested in working in the emerging technical realm of Blockchain technologies? Want to learn how to benefit more from cryptocurricies and other related and future applications? Want to help contribute to the creation and development of blockchains? Then read this article discussing the many opportunities for individuals to work in the Blockchain industry in 2018 and beyond!

Some of the more notable positions from the article include:

  • Project Managers- A project manager is the often the first person in a company who is contacted when another business is looking to incorporate Blockchain technologies into their platform. The project manager's responsibilities are to plan, supervise, and execute the project

  • Developer- The individuals in these positions develop and write the code that runs the various programs and platforms businesses are interested in providing or utilizing. Planning and product customization also can fall within the responsibilities of a developer

  • Design- As new Blockchain related start-ups and businesses begin to emerge, and blockchain technologies begin to become more mainstream, the demand for web-pages to inform clients/ customers of a company's services and platforms, what the company's mission is, who makes up the company, etc., is also increasing at a exploding rate. The general responsibilities from this position is to create web-pages and design user interface