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BME 1501

Fall 2018 | Mondays | 5-6PM

Center for Global Health on the UVA Corner

Course Description:

This course introduces the basic ideology of global health and human-centered design process. The objective is to better understand global health in the context of design and research. Students will gain experience in design through developing projects and technologies to help solve a current issue in global health. They will also gain exposure to the global health field through looking at the wide range that it covers and hearing from guest speakers from the Center for Global Health here at UVA. Main topics will be focused on defining global health, exploring the relationship between healthcare, technology, and innovation, and learning how we can best design positive solutions.

Course Instructors:

Professor David Chen, Director of the Coulter Center for Translational Research, Co-Director of the Medical Innovation and Human Centered Design Program

Dr. Rebecca Dillingham, Director of the Center for Global Health, and Harrison Distinguished Teaching Associate Professor of Medicine

Dany Chaillo - Biomedical Engineering major with an interest in medical device design and rehabilitation engineering

Elise Hoover  - Biomedical Engineering major interested in cancer and regenerative medicine research