Intel's Progress On Its Bold Diversity Goals.

Career Administrator

It looks like Intel is taking the lead for tech companies who realize the importance of diversity in the workplace. Intel made a $300 million investment to diversify its workforce, entrepreneur funding, and supply chain in 2015. Since then, the overall gap between Intel's workforce and full representation is down by 65%. In 2014, Intel reported that its workforce was unrepresentative by a gap of 2,300 people. In 2017, that number has gone down to 801.  

Of course, this gap is still not ideal when compared to the country's workforce as a whole. The company maintains that it's on track to meet its hiring goals — and has said it even wants to meet them two years early, by 2018. This drive towards change was reinvigorated this past August by the protests that occurred in Charlottesville. In support of diversity and understanding the tech industry's shortcomings in diversity, CEO Brian Krzanich said, "So how can we drive change? We can dedicate ourselves to creating a space where everyone feels included and respected. Technology companies have talked about diversity for years, but the data show that progress has been slow." Krzanich proceeded to quit President Trump's manufacturing council in response to Trump's failure to denounce white supremacy following the Charlottesville protests. Krzanich believes that it is not enough to say that diversity is important. The company says that they intend to bring the number of female, Hispanic, African-American, and Native American employees in Intel's 50,000 employee workforce to full representation. 

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