Incoming First Year Students!

Do you need just one more class to complete your schedule? Consider taking a NEW course from the University of Virginia Career Center offered this fall!

INST 2559 - The Resilient Student: Transition, Thriving, & Leadership (2 credits)
Tim Davis, PhD, Leadership Development & Resilience
The adjustment from high school to college can be one of the most turbulent transitions of one’s life. Yet, that transition is also filled with opportunities for discovery, growth, and the development of critical life skills. This course will focus on the development of the broad skills that will help students create fulfilling lives and successful careers after college. This class will focus on four areas: 
  • Development of emotional resilience skills that support thriving and bouncing back from adversity
  • Development of life management skills that will foster personal, academic, and career success
  • Introduction to leadership concepts that will guide students’ development as young leaders at UVA
  • Establishment of small communities of students which are designed to facilitate social support as students transition to college and young adulthood. 

Check out Student Information System (SIS) for additional details and to register.

This course is a wonderful option to ease you into the academic and social transition of college all while developing many of the qualities, skills, and experiences that professors, supervisors, and health professional schools look for in their students!