How To Promote Yourself Without Feeling Fake

Career Administrator

Jopwell's Marielle Legair shares four key tips for how to promote yourself without feeling fake.

From Jopwell:

I spent over a decade leading global public relations and brand reputation campaigns for some of the world’s biggest companies, working closely with CEOs and senior leaders. During that time, I came across so many accomplished women who didn’t feel comfortable or see the importance of promoting themselves.

I used to feel the same way.

When I started my career, I thought it was enough to put my head down and just do good work. I quickly learned, however, that this wasn’t the case. My contribution was not always clear to leadership, or worse, others took credit for my work. To succeed, I had to start putting myself forward and speaking up, even when I felt uncomfortable.

So I joined the public speaking and leadership organization, Toastmasters to learn how to master the art of storytelling. We think and remember things in stories, rather than facts. It is both a great way to influence others and key to forming emotional connections and building trust. I’d encourage anyone who wants to improve how they promote themselves to think in terms of storytelling — it’s about constructing a narrative of your achievements with a start, middle, and tangible end result. The more you practice sharing your story, the more confident you’ll feel telling it.

That’s just one of the tips I share with clients of Women Who Influence, the personal brand and publicity firm for female entrepreneurs that I founded in 2017, and with readers of my new book, The Personal Brand Bible For Ambitious Women. Here’s what else I tell professionals of all sexes and backgrounds about mastering the art of self-promotion without sounding the least bit fake.

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