Hoo's Going to the Start-Up Fair!?

Career Administrator

I hope everyone had a fun and successful Career Fair last week, and that you are excited for the Start-Up Fair! The Start-Up Fair is a career fair and mixer featuring some of the region's most innovative and exciting start-ups, in partnership with the UVA Student Council Entrepreneurship and Innovation Committee, Startup Virginia, The Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy, Darden iLab, Data Science Institute, the Department of Economics, HackCville, the UVA Development Hub, and many more amazing organizations. This career fair will present to you the unqiue opportunity to meet fast-growing start-ups and innovative non-profits based in Charottesville, Richmond, DC, giving students the chance to connect with local entrepreneurs, UVA alumni, discover internship and job opportunities. Student entrepreneurs and business owners will also be featured at the Start-Up Fair, so be sure to come out to show support for your fellow Hoos!


The 2018 Start-Up Fair is taking place Thursday, February 8th (tomorrow) from 6:00-8:00pm on the third floor of Newcomb Hall. An effective way to prepare for any kind of career fair, including this one, is by looking into the different empolyers and companies that will be there, and what kinds of positions they will be offering. Additionally, pre-selecting specific companies to do research on before the Start-Up Fair is an awesome way to help ensure you use your time most effectively during the event. As a Career Center representative for the Engineer, Science, and Technology Community, I have compiled a list of the different companies from different relevant fields that will be attending the Start-Up Fair tomorrow.

The companies are divided into different industries and/ or majors in an effor to make pre-selecting companies for research and developing a game plan for the Start-Up Fair eaiser and less daunting (the last section of the list includes emloyers that are currently accepting all majors). I have also important relevant information, such as whether an employer is looking specifically for a job or internship position to fill, and the geographcial area of where the start-up will be offering the position. The list is as follows:


Biotech and Healthcare:

Babylon Micro-Farms - offering Part-Time Internships and Experiential Learning Opportunities in Charlottesville, VA


Computer Networking

Apcela - offering Full-Time Jobs and Internships in Herndon, VA

Idexcel - offering both Full-Time Jobs and Graduate School coursework

IT Availability - offering Full-Time Jobs and Internships in Tysons Corner, VA


Environmental Services

Purif-I: Water Purification in Developing Countries - this is a student venture looking for any undergraduate or graduate students interested in working/ devleoping water purification technologies


Manufacturing and Health Devices

AccuTEC Blades - offering Full-Time Internships in Verona, VA

Tintpons - this is a student venture looking for "anyone with a biomedical, chemcial, biological, or clinical background/ interest, and who isn't repuled by the idea of working with tampons"

Yedea Telemedicine - This is a student venture "looking for: CTOs, web design, marketing, design"



Photoseal - this is a student venture "looking for: CHE, BME, Business and anyone else willing to join us"

WaBu - this is a student venture "looking for: Motivated, humble, friendly students in technical areas like code and design, also including marketing"


Software and Internet

ArcheMedX, Inc - is based in Charlottesville, VA

Axle Travel - is offering Full- and Part- Time Jobs and Internships in New York City, NY

Inca Digital Securities - is offering Full- and Part- Time Jobs and Internships in Washington, D.C.

Metis Machine - is offering Full-Time Jobs and Internships in Charlottesville, VA

Mission Secure Inc - is offering Full-Time Jobs and Internships in Charlottesville, VA

Moonlighting - is offering Full-Time Jobs in Charlottesville, VA

Quorum - is offering Full-Time Jobs in Washington, D.C.

The Ambia Fund is offering Full- and Part-Time Jobs in Dover, DE

VividCortex - is offering Full-Time Jobs in Charlottesville, VA


More information and tips on how to prepare for the Career Fair can be found in the Hoo's Guide or on the UVA Career Center Website!