Hong Jik Lee's Internship

Career Administrator

This summer, I’m working for a startup named 1DegreeApp. My main goal for the summer is to create a new website (1DegreeApp.com) using wordpress.org and revamp the existing dashboard using PHP and MYSQL. I always thought about doing my own startup in the IT field after I graduate from University of Virginia, so when I heard about this position on Facebook, I immediately knew that’s where my summer would be spent. I started working on May 15. 

My daily tasks are some what I expected to do. I do programming, debugging, and marketing on social media. Having no experience in WordPress, I initially felt severely incompetent and frankly hopeless, but after a week or so, I found myself growing into a mindset of learning and not already knowing. I used Google and YouTube videos to learn about new skills like CSS and improve my understanding about web. Also, Earl, the CTO of 1DegreeApp, helped me when I had programming issues. Other than programming tasks, I also did research on how to make more followers on Facebook or twitter to increase followers for 1DegreeApp.

The work has been satisfying. I have learned a lot about WordPress and CSS. I feel very proud that I self-taught to learn the materials and build a website. However, I sometimes feel frustrated when I’m given non-technology tasks like making a list of number of followers for influencers. These kind of tasks are boring and time-consuming to me. In general, I’m very satisfied with the company and work and grateful for the opportunity.