HealthUnBound's (HUB's) Virtual Reality Hack-A-Thon!

Career Administrator

Are you interested in Virtual Reality, medical entrepreneurship and healthcare innovations, and free food!? Do you want the opportunity to design and create an innovative VR technology for the chance to win a 50$ prize and a free tee-shirt?

Well then have no fear, HUB's 3rd annual MedDesign Hack-a-Thon is here! The event takes place on November 4th from 9am-5pm in the Health Science Library. This year, the event is focused specifically on innovations in the medical and health-care industries using virtual reality technology. Participation in and getting involved with the Hack-A-Thon is simple! All you need to do is create a team of up to 4 members (partial teams and solo entries are welcome) and register using the following link:

The structure and how the event operates is also fairly straightforward! Teams will have the chance to create patient specific VR experiences during this one-day hack for the chance to win a $50 and a free T-shirt. Furthermore, judges and mentors from Google Development, UVA Hospital, Veteran's Hospital in Richmond, UVA's Clemons and Rice Hall Virtual Reality Labs, and more will be available for networking opportunities. Lunch and dinner will be also be provided for participants as well!

HealthUnBound is an organization whose mission is to help "foster a medical entrepreneurship community focused on providing opportunities and resources to promote and facilitate health innovation" and while it has many members within the UVA community, it is ultimately its own separate and independent organization. Thus, this is a great opportunity to for you to either utilize University connections and resources to help develop applicable, real-life experiences or to just go and see some really cool new VR innovations and technologies!