Healthcare Consulting Night Recap: My Experience

Career Administrator

On Monday, October 16, 2017, I attended the Healthcare Consulting Night hosted by the UVA Career Center. In an effort to help those unable to attend learn more about opportunities in this industry, I have provided an overview of the companies in attendance, as well as their unique approaches to healthcare consulting through example cases below.


Representatives from MAXIMUS described themselves as the “Customer Service of Government.” They are one of the largest public consulting companies in the country, solely responsible for over half of the country’s Medicare implementation and contribute to welfare and child services consulting as well. The presenters highlighted a case in Arkansas where they were tasked to improve the welfare application process. Through this example, they presented their unique approach to handling their clients’ problems. Not only do they orient the client to their solution, MAXIMUS is directly involved with the implementation of their solution by providing the infrastructure of the plan and training workers to complete the project. Paid internship opportunities are available for 3rd and 4th years.

The Segal Group

This organization is a private, employee-owned healthcare-exclusive consultant company. They have an internalized warehouse in New York City where they take a large amount of data pertaining to a particular issue and break down the data to find where the problems exist. This was highlighted through their analysis of the current opioid crisis in the US Northeast. Many companies were concerned with their employees’ health and cost with opioid addiction. Segal Group broke down the heaviest use in specific regions, and identified potential doctors or pharmacy stores where fraud may be occurring. This data analysis allows Segal Group to consult companies on how they can help their employees.


This is a non-profit company heavily involved in science and technology. They are stationed and working with the UVA Health System in three different labs developing technology for the government, primarily in the defense department. They mainly focus on how to accomplish mass data analysis sharing while maintaining the security needed in the medical environment, which they accomplish through their CASAE system. Additionally, they develop technology directly for on-ground defense in military situations. If you are looking for a more clinical and scientific type of data analysis and technological development, MITRE is the company for you.


The company I found the most intriguing was Aledade. They are a healthcare consultant start-up with a mission goal of transitioning our health incentive system from being value-based in treatments to incentivizing physicians to ensure quality of care for their patients. Using this model, they want to increase interaction between doctor and patient to limit a patient’s visits to the hospital and saving costs overall by increasing patient health outcomes. Aledade’s current focus is on independent primary care physicians who are most susceptible to only being focused on getting a huge influx of patients rather than making sure they are taken care of properly. Making these physicians accountable care organizations gives their patient higher quality care at lower prices. Their main opportunity is the Aledade Fellowship, open to recent graduates. For those looking to improve public health directly, Aledade wants people that can thrive in a fast-paced, creative environment.


As a representative of Accenture, UVA 2017 alumnus Ryan Orr discussed his involvement with the Affordable Care Act and emphasized his work with a large team to communicate the results of the law on the healthcare system. Their main internship opportunity is the Accenture Innovation Challenge, open to upperclassmen undergraduate students.

My overall impression of the healthcare consulting field is an emphasis in government and state policy implementation along with developing technological advancement. Interest in combining data analysis skills with making policy or project proposals would be immensely accentuated in this field. Students with a mix of business and healthcare interests should invest time in researching these companies to see which company they would be most passionate working for.