Healthcare Community Alumni Spotlight: Stephen Brand, '14, Solution Architect at Cerner Corporation

Career Administrator

This week's Healthcare Community Alumni Spotlight will be focusing on Mr. Stephen Brand, a Class of 2014 Commerce major with a focus in marketing and management.

During his years at UVA, Stephen did not have many healthcare related experiences throughout. He was involved with the Cavalier Daily, Madison House, and the Honor Committee as a Graphic Designer. He also held several internships with Alcoa, Liberty Mutual Insurance as a Claims Intern specializing in using Excel to increase efficiency of managing customers' cases, and Lead Graphic Designer for Sprout Entertainment. Even though Stephen's time spent at UVA was focused on IT efficiency and business, he had a desire to contribute in making healthcare better, more affordable, and an easier experience. After graduation and a short stint with MBI, Stephen began working for Cerner Corporation, the leading US I.T. healthcare consulting company.  Stephen's primary job is to redesign electronic medical records (EMRs) to improve clinicians' experience obtaining medical records for their patients. Through his work, he has received the 2017 Cerner Masters Award for outstanding client and company contributions. 

For Stephen, the biggest key to success in the field is to be open-minded. He suggests always developing your skills in communication and public speaking as he did at UVA because there will never be a point in life where you should stop learning. The practical learned skills can be taught in the field, but the things that you should have coming into the industry is the willingness to accept change and dealing with forming a plan without clear direction. As always, reach out to everyone that you can because you never know what one interaction can do for your career direction, as Stephen attests when one co-worker advised him to visit the Career Center to get his resume reviewed.  Once you have an idea of what you would like to receive out of a career, you'll be on the way to ensuring that you have a happy medium between a job and personal gratification. 

If you would like to contact Stephen with any questions, his email is