Healthcare Community Alumni Spotlight: Julia Scully, '14; Business Developer of Cityblock Health

Career Administrator

For the next several weeks, the Healthcare Community will be highlighting alumni who recently responded to a survey during Fall 2017 to provide our students with real-life perspective on a career in healthcare. The first alumni we will be highlighting is Ms. Julia Scully, a Class of 2014 English major and Media Studies minor graduate.

During her years at UVA, she was a member of the McIntire Business Institute for one year to learn the fundamental business principles of marketing, accounting, finance, and management through team and individual projects. She also studied abroad under IES Abroad with her public affairs internship after her second year. After uninspiring experiences in public affairs and advertising, Julia followed her father’s footsteps and joined healthcare through consulting. At the time of filling out the survey, Ms. Scully was working as a Consultant for Health Management Associates, a company focused on state healthcare programs, on the Investment Services team to help those in private equity ensure wise investments. As of the time of this writing, she has recently joined the Business Development team of Cityblock Health, a tech-based healthcare startup in New York attempting to enhance access to high quality care for poor urban populations.

For Julia, there is one major key to gain your knowledge in this or any field and that is networking. “Talk to anyone and everyone you know in the field.” Additionally, research the companies and news of healthcare going on through career resources and blogs detailing the daily news of the state of the industry. For students right now, Ms. Scully emphasizes two points of focus and that is developing “strong writing skills” and diversifying your experiences. For writing reports and research, you must be able to take a conglomeration of information and condense it to digestible key points. Along with that, making sure that you invest time in expanding yourself through a plethora of opportunities will make finding your career fit easier and display a well-rounded individual.

Cityblock Health is hiring right now and if you would like to contact Julia with any questions, her email is