Healthcare Community Alumni Spotlight: Colby Rountree, '16, Project Coordinator at UVA Health System

Career Administrator

This week's Healthcare Community Alumni Spotlight will be focusing on Mr. Colby Rountree, a Class of 2016 American Government major.

During his years at UVA, Colby pursued his healthcare passions right from the jump, but in a clinical fashion at the beginning. During this time, he volunteered at the Global Health Brigades for three years, providing dental and medical care to poor rural communities. After he made the decision to leave clinical healthcare, he made the switch to administrative healthcare services, where he honed his skills in classes of economics, politics, public health, and Lean Six Sigma program at Villanova. Close to his graduation, he began serving as Deputy Chief for the Charlottesville-Albemarle Rescue Squad, where he now is Crew Captain and a member of the Board of Directors. Since graduating, Colby has worked as the Project Coordinator for the UVA Health System Talent Management to improve employee relations. As of the time of this blog, he is the Human Relations Specialist for Career Services at UVA.

For Colby, his lessons echo much of the sentiment from the last two weeks, networking is key. Whether that be through UVA alumni or anyone else in the healthcare field, find ways to interact with people as much as often. Also, he advises gaining knowledge in the field through research or applying yourself to relevant clubs so you can converse intelligently with professionals. In accordance with gaining knowledge, this means you should be involved as soon as possible, volunteer or paid. His last piece of information was to inform students on the rise of the CRO industry (Contract Research Organization). Companies like PRAHS are beginning to outgrow pharmaceutical companies and give greater benefits to their employees.

If you would like to contact Colby with any questions, his email is If you would like to learn more about PRAHS, their website is