Hannah Graham Memorial Award: Deadline, December 1st

Career Administrator

Interested in contributing to a current topic or issue focusing on health promotion and reducing the incidence of violence against women? Consider applying for the Hannah Graham Memorial Award for additional support. 

This award will support a year-long educational engagement related to a topic or issue relevant to promoting health and development and/or to reducing the incidence and/or severity of violence against women and girls. The engagement will include coursework or independent study during the semester preceding the field placement to prepare for research or service work in the chosen community. The field placement must be for at least eight weeks, and it is preferable that this placement occur in a French-speaking developing country (such as Rwanda or Morocco where University partnerships exist).

Applicant advising is currently underway. Open advising occurs at the Center for Global Health, 1400 University Ave. on Wednesdays from 5-7pm. Anyone considering the award is strongly encouraged to contact Claire Romaine, cmr9af@virgina.edu, to schedule a brainstorming session with a former scholar.