Google's Diversity Update

Career Administrator

Google has been getting a lot of flack recently for its lack of diversity. From a controversial memo that has been circulating in the media to the dismal number of non-asian people of color, that criticism may not be unwarranted. This shortcoming for Google is especially surprising given that the search engine amasses information about the entire world for all of its people every second of the day. You would think that a company responsible for delivering such an infinite variety of information would itself be a diverse place to work. 

Luckily, Google understands that it has some work to do in order to be a more diverse place. The Diversity and Inclusion Index by Reuters listed companies like Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft and Cisco in the top 25, but Google was left out of the mix. The industry is starting to realize that companies who have proactively  cultivated a diverse workforce are more successful both financially and as a community. 

Like Intel, Google invested upwards of $150 million in diversity initiatives. One of their most relevant intiatives to us at UVa is the doubling of the number of schools where they recruit. The reason for this is that their university recruitment focused heavily on a small pool of elite schools even though those schools are not the most diverse. Forexampel, while 14% of Hispanic college enrollment is at 4-year schools, Hispanics make up just 7% at the 200 most selective schools. From 2013-2015, Google doubled the number of schools where they recruit. That year, 20 percent of the new class of Googlers were from those new schools. This is very encouraging for anyone at UVA who wants to work at Google. If you're interested, make sure to check-out the links below!