giStrat Summer Decision Analytics Competition

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Global Impact Strategies (giStrat) is a startup that specializes in advanced decision analytics. giStrat helps leaders make better strategic decisions on some of the toughest challenges of our day, from nuclear proliferation and North Korea, Mideast conflict, justice reform and women’s access to healthcare in America.   


By quickly forecasting the outcomes of complex political and commercial issues, we provide organizations with a clearer pathway to maximize their impact. We do this using our cloud-based analytics platform, giCompute, on which we combine insights from experts with decision algorithms to anticipate the likely results of conflict, negotiations, and legislative and regulatory affairs.  


We are seeking motivated students with strong interests in politics, policy, and current events to participate in an exciting competition this summer, from May 23 - August 8.  


UVA students will work in pairs, either self-selected or matched, competing to predict the possibility of various outcomes of today’s most controversial issues. Over the course of this 12-week competition, UVa students will refine their research skills, learn about current policy issues and become certified in giCompute. The best team, achieving the highest rating on accuracy and quality of research, will win $1,000. The second place team will win $500. 


Students will have the chance to learn the giCompute software to generate their predictions. Students will be sent one to two questions per week with a range of possible solutions to the issue. In teams of two, students will be expected to utilize giCompute, along with other news outlets and primary sources, to predict the possibility of each outcome. 


Individuals can be anywhere to participate: all that is needed is a computer, wifi, and roughly 5-7 hours per person per week.  On each Wednesday, starting May 23, competitors will receive one complex question, with a range of possible outcomes to model out. 




For example:


Question: What will be the impact of the steel and aluminum tariffs?


Range of Outcomes:

-Trade War with China and Russia

-Increased tariffs by China and Russia

-Status Quo with no retaliatory tariffs

-Bilateral negotiations between US and either China or Russia to reduce tariffs

-Unilateral reductions of tariffs by the US






COMMITMENT: 5-7 hours per week of your time


HOW TO APPLY: Send your resume and cover letter to


Applications are rolling, so the sooner you apply, the better your chance of having the opportunity to participate! Applicants can identify partners in their cover letter or can be matched with another participant.




Application Decisions: Rolling! Apply ASAP!

Orientation: Sunday, April 22, 2-4:00pm - Location TBA