Expert Advice as You Explore and Plan for Law School Webinar

Career Administrator

Date: Wednesday, February 22nd
Time: 7:30 - 8:15 PM

This webinar will cover topics including:

  • Tips for assessing whether law school might be a good investment
  • Recommendations for learning about legal careers
  • Suggestions for courses and experiences that can position students for success in the admission process and law school
  • A discussion of the skills and competencies required of future members of the legal profession

Following panelists' remarks will be a Q&A segment during which time webinar participants will be able to ask questions of the presenters.

Panel of presenters:

Karen Graziano is an experienced admission and career consultant, a professional writing instructor, and the pre-law advisor at Princeton University. She served as president of the Northeast Association of Pre-Law Advisors and founded Villanova University's Pre-Law and Professional Development programs and courses.   She launched Graziano Career Works, LLC to counsel clients about the admission process and their career development.

Gregory Shaffer is Coordinator of the Pre-Law Advising Office at the University of Maryland where he has assisted thousands of Maryland students and alumni as they explored, planned, and prepared for law school.   A veteran member of the Northeast Association of Pre-Law Advisors, he has developed relationships with law school admission deans in all regions of the country.

Victoria Turco has served as pre-law advisor at Georgetown University since 2008. In prior positions, she served as a nationwide career counselor and advisor for lawyers, associate university counsel, and as a litigation associate. She is an active member of the Northeast Association of Pre-Law Advisors, currently serving as At-Large Board Member.

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