Eleanor Roosevelt Center at Val-Kill Employment Opportunity

Career Administrator

The Eleanor Roosevelt Center at Val-Kill, located in Hyde Park, NY, is seeking individuals to fill Group Leader positions. Job Descriptions for the Girls' Leadership Worldwide and Boy's Leadership Worldwide Programs are below.

To Apply: To apply to lead the Girls' Leadership Worldwide Program, email a cover letter and resume to glw@ervk.org with subject line group leader. To apply to lead the Boys' Leadership Worldwide Program, email a cover letter and resume to blw@ervk.org with subject line group leader. 

Group Leader Job Description: The Eleanor Roosevelt Center’s (ERVK) Girls’ Leadership Worldwide (GLW) program and Boys' Leadership Worldwide (BLW) program each hold two exciting ten-day programs each summer for high school girls/boys who have a demonstrated commitment to making a difference in their communities and world. With Eleanor Roosevelt’s life and legacy as a model, participants bring their passion and leadership potential to life through a series of interactive workshops, field trips to the United Nations in New York City and other significant sites, and supportive relationships with inspiring mentors and peers. The program is based at ERVK, which is located at Val-Kill, the Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site in Hyde Park, NY. Participants are housed at Dutchess Community College for the duration of the program. For more information, please visit our website, www.ervk.org.

Position Summary: College junior, senior or recent graduate required. Previous experience as a college Residence Assistant or Camp Counselor desired. Demonstrated leadership and/or facilitation experience required. First Aid and CPR certifications preferred.

Working Conditions: Group Leaders share responsibility for maintaining a safe and supporting environment for all participants in GLW/BLW. Group Leaders will be required to live, eat and participate in activities with the participants. Each Group Leader will be assigned a group of six girls/boys out of 30-36 participants for whom the Group Leader assumes special responsibility. For the ten days of each program session, Group Leaders are on duty 24 hours a day, unless otherwise instructed. Group Leaders will be relieved for breaks on a regularly scheduled basis.

Job Responsibilities: Work closely with other Group Leaders and support one another. Attend GLW/BLW team meetings. Develop strong facilitation, effective communication and other skills by participating in Group Leader Orientation and GLW/BLW workshops. Facilitate small group dialogues as needed during the day’s workshops and as part of the evening’s reflection of the day’s experience. Assist with the daily task of creating and maintaining the smooth flow of program activities. Develop and implement program activities, as needed. Each evening, facilitate an evaluation of the day’s activities, as well as prepare the girls/boys for the next day’s activities.

2017 Position Specifics:

Required Dates:

  • Staff Training: Tues-Thurs July 4 - 6, Thurs, July 20
  • Session 1: Friday, July 7 – Sunday, July 16
  • Session 2: Friday, July 21 – Sunday, July 30

Stipend: $950 per session, for a total stipend of $1900.

Room, board, activity fees and materials are all covered by the Eleanor Roosevelt Center. Spending money for souvenirs or personal items will not be provided.

Staff Expectations:  Our goal is to have each participant gain confidence, acquire new skills and enhance existing ones, so that she/he is better equipped to impact the world in her own, unique way. Together, all of us will work to ensure that each participant is included and empowered.

  • Leadership - A staff member holds a position of responsibility and will need to exercise authority in some situations.
  • Community Building - Develops a positive residential community that promotes understanding, support and responsibility that are consistent with the mission of ERVK and GLW/BLW.
  • Supervision - Assist with the daily task of creating and maintaining the smooth flow of program activities.
  • Counseling/Advising - Participants may seek advice from staff members.
  • Personal Conduct - A staff member is expected to be professional at all times; to serve as a role model; and is basically always “on-duty.”
  • Team Skills - Attend and contribute to GLW team meetings, work cooperatively with staff on projects and shared tasks; offer and accept constructive feedback.