Didn't Get Into Your Major of Choice? Don't Worry!

Career Administrator

Speaking from experience, not getting into your major of choice may seem like the end of the world BUT it is not. I know many of you have heard, “Major does not equal career”. This statement could not be truer. Declaring a major is only one part of your career path and through your major you take classes that interest you. Because you are taking classes that interest you, your GPA can only improve and you will gain transferable skills (e.g improving written communication, public speaking, etc). For those of you, like myself, who are or were worried about what you are majoring in, here are a couple of steps you could take before and/or after declaring a major in no particular order.



  1. Take a look at your transcript. Look at the classes you have taken already to help you see what classes you have done well in and what academic field your major possibly lies.


  1. Look up all of the UVA undergraduate majors. Here’s the link: http://www.virginia.edu/academics/majors. Visit the website pages of the departments of majors that interest you. See if there are any pre-reqs for the majors, major requirements, etc. Talk with a professor or dean in that department/major or a friend in that major as well.


  1. Schedule a meeting with your faculty advisor or association dean to discuss options, your plans, and any goals you have.


  1. Visit the “What Can I do With this Major” page to get an idea of what skills you can develop in your major and what skills you need to develop for a specific industry (e.g business, law, education) using your major. Here’s the link: http://whatcanidowiththismajor.com/major/majors/.



  1. Sign up for the Virginia Alumni Mentoring Program. Talk with UVA alums who have been in your shoes or who are in a career field you are interested in. Semester-long or flash mentoring options available. Here’s the link: https://alumnimentoring.virginia.edu/.


  1. Sign up to be apart of one of the UVA Career Center’s Career Communities on Handshake. By doing so you will receive industry related information and a weekly newsletter that contains many great things such as job and internship opportunities available, upcoming Career Center events, and many more.