Cultivating Personal and Professional Mindfulness

Career Administrator

From UVA Today

Companies from Google to Ford have begun offering mindfulness courses to their employees, arguing that the benefits – more productive, engaged and healthier employees – far outweigh the costs.

At the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce, marketing professor David Mick teaches a popular “Wisdom and Well-Being” course equipping business students with philosophical concepts and mindfulness practices that could improve their personal and professional lives.

“The course is founded on the idea that what people want in their lives is to flourish, to have well-being,” said Mick, who studied philosophy before pursuing a Ph.D. in marketing.

Each week, students apply readings on philosophy and mindfulness to business cases and to their lives. Together with the Commerce School’s rigorous quantitative curriculum, courses like Mick’s develop the analytical prowess and emotional intelligence that top companies look for in new hires.

The same lessons could be valuable tools for anyone cultivating wisdom in their professional and personal lives. Mick outlines 10 helpful practices culled from the wisdom literature and mindfulness philosophies he studies.