The Consulting Series: Third Year Secure an Internship

Career Administrator

ANNOUNCEMENT: Consulting firms have changed their timeline for recruitment. Prepare yourself accordingly because recruitment for Summer internships now begins in September of the fall semester.

1. Recruitment

The fall semester of your third year is a crucial time for you to start searching and applying for summer internships. It is ideal, from the firm’s perspective, to transition summer interns into full-time employees following graduation. Thus, now is an ideal time to secure a summer internship. Keep checking the Business Community newsletter for  events and resources that will inform you of and prepare you for the internship application process, such as:

  • Career Fairs
    • Commerce Day
    • Fall Job and Internship Fair
    • April Job and Internship Fair
  • Recruiting Events
    • Boutique Finance Night
    • Consulting Symposium
  • Glassdoor: This is a great place to find out more about companies, their interview processes, and interview tips.

2. Prepare for the Interview

As there are numerous steps involved, we understand that the internship search process can be daunting. Lucky for you, you have three phenomenal Career Counselors here to support and assist you throughout the process. If you have any questions about the recruitment process, vdrop by Business Community office hours.

Also, keep in mind the following materials as your prepare for the application process:

3. Additional Resources

As you continue to focus your time and energy on pursuing an internship, be sure to remember that there is not one single path to success. In fact, there are numerous paths to success and to the consulting field, specifically. Just be sure to use your Summer months to expose yourself to Business related opportunities. Moreover, participating in externships, internships, and volunteer experiences that enable you to develop key skillsets for Consulting is a #majorkey.


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