The Consulting Series: Second Year Planning Phase

Career Administrator

Now that you know consulting is the right field for you, it is time to start planning! Familiarize yourself with the case interview/ recruitment processes, network and conduct informational interviews, find a mentor, and take advanced courses in departments that can effectively prepare you for a career in consulting.

  1. Case Interviews and the Recruitment Processes

As the timeline for consulting recruitment has moved up, consulting firms typically start recruiting students early in the fall semester, starting in September. To place yourself in the best position to secure an internship during the summer before your fourth year, you should familiarize yourself with and practice case interviews”

P.S. Keep in mind that not all consulting firms require a case interview as part of their recruitment process. Therefore, we highly encourage you to go to as many networking events as possible.

Below are some resources available to help you prepare:

  1. Networking and Informational Interviews

Your second year is a prime time for networking and conducting informational interviews with professionals so as to narrow down your focus. As this industry consists of a vast array of “types” of consulting, it will be a huge benefit for you to start thinking about which one appeals to you. The following are effective ways to go about doing so:

3. Find a Mentor

It is essential to start building up your professional network as soon as possible and seeking out mentorship is a perfect step in doing so. Here at the Career Center we want you to succeed and we will do everything in our power to connect you to various mentoring programs and Alumni networks, such as the:

There are also various student organizations and CIOs whose purpose is to mentor students and connect students to a plethora of business opportunities. See a list of such programs here!

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