The Consulting Series: Fourth Year Secure a Job

Career Administrator

CONGRATULATIONS, fourth year! You have made it to your FINAL YEAR at UVA and you’re  almost at the home stretch. Cheers to you, Young Scholar.

If you’re reading this, you’re either in one of two positions. You’ve either received an full-time offer with a company of your liking (yay, congrats to you!) or, you are searching for a full-time offer at a company of your choosing (ooo, exciting!). Either way, you are right on track! Here are some things to keep in mind as you work your way towards graduation.

1. “I’ve received a full-time offer, now what?”

Two words: Offer Negotiation.

Now that you’ve secured a full-time job offer, time to consider what you want and need as it pertains to your salary, benefits package, vacation time, start date, etc. Check out this in-depth article on “Salaries and Negotiations” to determine whether or not you should negotiate and, if so, how to negotiate.

  • SOAR is a phenomenal tool to use as you build a case for what you want and why you should have it. SOAR informs you of hiring timelines by industry, average salaries by major, employer, and location, job source, and Graduate school acceptance.
  • Glassdoor

2. “Full-time job secured? Nope, that’s not me. What do I do!?”

First, take a moment to find your center and relax. No need to worry because there is still time! As you go through the job search process, here are some things to focus on!

  1. Recruitment. Full-Time job recruitment primarily happens during the Fall semester, starting in September.
    1. On-Grounds Interviewing (OGI)
  2. Attend career-related events.  As the recruitment timeline for Consulting begins in September, you must be extremely proactive in attending Career Fairs, Networking events, Information Sessions, and Case Interview Workshops. Be sure to utilize Handshake to catch current job openings.
  3. Networking. Consider tapping into the professional network you’ve developed over the course of the past three years. Don’t be shy, now! Making a good impression with recruiters also helps.
  4. Advising. Remember, you can always drop by Business Community Office Hours every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in Newcomb 170, from 10am-12pm if you need any assistance finding job opportunities or guidance through the application processes.

We encourage you to take full advantage of the tools made available to you through the Career Center. We want nothing more than to see you succeed and we have numerous resources intended to get you to your end goal. Now, go forth and PROSPER.

 Need a refresher? Check out what to do first, second, and third year!