Connecting your CIO to your Future: X-tasee

Career Administrator

Learn from a fellow UVA undergraduate how a student organization can provide you the necessary resources, skills, and connections to attain your current and future career goals. Check out the following spotlight on X-tasee featuring Alexis Artis who is currently serving as Secretary of the CIO. X-tasee is a dance group that aims to bridge the gap between Charlottesville residents and UVA students through the artistic expression of dance. Alexis is a third year studying Speech Pathology in the Curry School of Education. Read on to learn Alexis' journey with X-tasee. 

What is the benefit of joining X-tasee?

The benefit of joining X-tasee is being able to do what you love. X-tasee is a group of a diverse individuals that love to show their passion for the art. We love to laugh and be silly with another. We plan social activities outside of dance and even like to joke around and say we are an acapella group named X- taSANG because of how much we enjoy singing. We hang out with one another and discuss the highs and lows of our week. X-tasee showed me how important it is to work together as a unit. There is no “I” in team, so it is very imperative that we have respect for another when it comes to teaching choreography, listening to new ideas, and voting.

What is your current role and overall experience of being involved in the X-tasee? How have you achieved, or hope to attain personal development?

My current role is Secretary of X-tasee Dance Crew. I joined my first year and ever since I absolutely loved it. I have been able to continue my love for dance and I have gained social skills, leaderships skills, and decision making skills. As an Exec member, I have to think about the team as a whole. We make decisions that affect the entire team so it is very important that we not only think about ourselves but what can best benefit the team. Every semester we take in new “babies” and that involves making sure they are comfortable around us, making sure that they are able to learn the new choreography, and most important of all, making sure they are having fun. Our members like coming to practice because it is a nice stress reliever from exams, lectures, and long meetings. I realize by being in this club that I am a people person. I love to meet new people and help them with whatever they need help with. When you join X-tasee you are becoming a part of a family. X-tasee is my home away from home.

What are some transferrable skills gained from being a member of X-tasee that can be mentioned in a resume or interview?

Some leadership skills that can be carried over to an interview or added to a resume is being able to take charge. At every “X” practice we take it upon ourselves to allow every team member to lead a stretch or come up with new choreography. This allows the member to be able to come out of their comfort zone and be able to best showcase their skill when they are given the opportunity. This shows leadership because being able to lead a group of people is an important skill especially when it comes to team building jobs and organizations.

What advice/information would you give to UVA students interested in exploring X-tasee? What is the time commitment?

Some advice I would give to UVA students would be to follow what they are most passionate about. I find that students are happiest when they are doing the activity that you love. If they are interested in X-tasee, I would recommend that they watch some of our performance videos, reach out to one of our members, come to our workshops and then tryout either in the upcoming spring semester or next fall! Our practice schedules vary each semester, but we practice twice a week. This semester our practices are Monday 9-11pm and Wednesday 8-10pm.

What general advice do you have for students who are uncertain in what they want to get involved in? How can they start exploring?

My advice for students that are uncertain in what they want to get involved in is to try to join new clubs and activities that they never heard of or find interesting. By doing this they can discover a new interest and meet some amazing individuals. Students can start exploring by going to the Student Activities Fairs. They usually happen twice a year. Also, students can reach out to each other and invite one another to interest meetings.

Feel free to contact Alexis ( with any questions, comments, or concerns.