Connecting your CIO to your Future: Latinx Student Alliance

Career Administrator

Want to learn how to get involved with the Latinx community while achieving personal career development? The Latinx Student Alliance (LSA) is the representative voice of the Hispanic/Latinx community on grounds, and is the umbrella organization for other Latinx organizations. LSA is made up of the following 5 committees: Cultura, Advocacy, Community Outreach, First Year and Admissions, and Social. Raquel Talbott is a fourth year currently serving as President of LSA. Read on to learn how LSA helped Raquel grow during her journey here at UVA.

What is the benefit of joining your CIO/organization?

LSA provides a sense of community for all Latinx/Hispanic students at UVA. We provide a multitude of opportunities to be involved to get to know others in the community and work on multiple projects to support the Latinx/Hispanic community. We work to spread awareness of our culture to the greater student body and to educate the many issues that we face as a minority and advocate for our community. LSA is a great way to enrich your UVA experience!  

What is your current role and overall experience of being involved in LSA? How have you achieved, or hope to attain personal development?

I currently serve as the President and have been on the executive board since my second year. LSA has been a huge part of my UVA career and impacted my experience as a UVA student. I have loved being a part of LSA and I am so thankful for the opportunities it has given me. I owe a lot of my success to the students who mentored me when I was an underclassman, they took me under their wing and I was able to learn a lot from them. 

What are some transferrable skills gained from being a member of LSA that can be mentioned in a resume or interview?

I think being a part of LSA offers a lot of skills that can enhance one's professional development. For example, communication is a super important skill to have and when you are working with a lot of people who have a lot of different ideas and come from various backgrounds it is important to know how to properly communicate with one another. LSA offers a lot of leadership opportunities since we have a fairly large executive board and even working on a committee, chairs will delegate tasks to committee members and thus one is familiar with the expectations and duties of being a leader in LSA. 

How does your organization help undergraduate students explore their options, in terms of career track, or explore something about themselves (i.e. strengths, weaknesses, limitations)?

We have a First Year/Admissions chair that often plans academic advising and career development programming. The great thing about LSA is that so many of put members come from different academic backgrounds and schools so first years can reach out to older members and ask them questions and advice. 

What advice/information would you give to UVA students interested in exploring LSA? What is the time commitment?

If you are considering being involved definitely reach out so you can stay up to date with all the events that have throughout the year! You can choose how committed you want to be, so we are really flexible. Even if you have a busy schedule, there are opportunities to be involved!

What general advice do you have for students who are uncertain in what they want to get involved in? How can they start exploring?

Reach out to upperclassmen, talk to your RAs, go to events or meetings with friends, or even check out @UVA! 

Contact Raquel Talbott ( for any questions regarding membership or engagement.