Connecting your CIO to your Future: Kinetic Sound

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Check out this week’s spotlight on Kinetic Sound featuring Karen Soohoo. Learn how your participation in Kinetic Sound can lead to the development of interpersonal intelligence, leadership skills and prepare you for your future career. Karen is a third-year undergraduate double majoring in Biochemistry and Psychology and describes her role as President. Read on to learn Karen’s journey with Kinetic Sound.

What is Kinetic Sound?

Kinetic Sound works towards the general public’s appreciation for instrumental music performances through visual arts (film, photography) and youthful performances, ranging from soloist/chamber music performances to large group performances. Kinetic Sound is operated by five executive board members (President, Chief Finance Officer, Visual Arts/Marketing Director, Social and Outreach Director, and Music Director), a programming board, artists, and musicians. Its music performances will be complemented by visual arts such as photography and film as forms of marketing for the concert as well as for the genre of instrumental music. With over 200 people attending the Spring 2017 concert and many novel projects such as the “Playing Around” series, Kinetic Sound continues to grow and bring instrumental and classical music to the public in various ways.

What is the benefit of joining Kinetic Sound? 

Kinetic Sound gives a space for creatively minded people to share their talents for the promotion of a greater goal. There are not many opportunities for musicians who are not music majors and artists in general to share their talents, but there are many students who are passionate about classical music and want others to further people's appreciation of it. Kinetic Sound is a place for these people to come together and work towards that goal.

What is your current role and overall experience of being involved in Kinetic Sound? How have you achieved, or hope to attain personal development? 

I am the president of Kinetic Sound and this is where I have truly found my home on grounds. Not only have I found a community of people who have similar interests as me, but who are also driven toward a common goal - promoting instrumental music to a wider audience. Being involved in this organization has really pushed me to grow as a performer in terms of musicality and confidence, as a creative thinker in terms of how to share music in new ways, and as a leader in terms of facilitating interpersonal and inter-organizational interactions and ensuring that the organization stays true to its purpose.

What are some transferrable skills gained from being a member of Kinetic Sound that can be mentioned in a resume or interview?

Being in a leadership position, I have learned a lot in terms of interpersonal intelligence as well as equity and inclusion. Having been Social and Outreach Director in the past and currently President, one of my biggest concerns has been ensuring that the CIO has a culture that is welcoming and accessible to others. Resiliency is another skill since we are trying to display music in new ways and sometimes this doesn't work out as well as we would like to. Being able to reflect on what could be changed and what went well in anticipation of future projects is an extremely valuable skill I have learned.

How does Kinetic Sound help undergraduate students explore?

Kinetic Sound gives a space for people who may not be able to commit to a career of music or promoting music, but still feel passionately about it and want to direct their time towards a greater cause. Working with others on projects they care about creatively, whether it be formulating new ideas, working on a piece of music or a piece of art, is one way our members can learn about themselves and what it means to work with others while producing something they can be proud of.

What would you tell UVA students interested in exploring Kinetic Sound? What is the time commitment?

If you are interested in joining us, please take a look at our Facebook page for our past work and our YouTube channel ( for our past concerts. Also, contact us (listed below) with any questions you have about how you would like to join. The way you would like to join the club (as a musician, programming board member, artist) dictates the time commitment, but formal meetings tend to be an hour a week, but members usually put in extra time through practice, outside work because they enjoy it.

Please email Karen Soohoo (President) at for general questions, Angeline Zeng (Visual Arts and Marketing Director) at concerning involvement as a visual artists/marketing, and Daniel Song (Music Director) at concerning involvement as a musician. You can also visit their Facebook page for more information (