Company Ratings and Reviews from a WOMAN'S Perspective (!!!)

Career Administrator

Always wondered how a company treats women? Or how likely it is for women to be promoted to executive roles?

Oh course you have! Especially with the most recently debacle with Uber. #allT_allShade (brownie points if you know where this is from!)


Check out!

InHerSight is a review platform where women can submit reviews about their experience, how they were treated, and their benefits when they were at a specific company. Their database consists of over thousands of companies and also include a blog that currently shows the top rated companies!

If you're graduating and looking for fulltime work, InHerSight can help find your perfect fit company or just save you from entering a company that may potentially be sexist in nature. 

I also encourage you to submit a review for any companies that you've been a part of to either show that they're really great, or to just expose their toxic nature to save others from having to experience it!