CIO Spotlight: Women’s Business Forum at McIntire (WBFM)

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What is WBFM?

The Women’s Business Forum at McIntire (WBFM) provides an open forum to discuss issues that are unique to gender and explore the challenges faced in work and family relationships. Although we are McIntire-affiliated, we accept students from across the University. This group is open to all female-identifying students.

As the only organization of its kind, WBFM uses its unique position to bridge the gap between WBFM members and leaders from across the globe and within Charlottesville. Our large membership is made up of students from various academic backgrounds including technology, economics, consulting, media studies, and finance. WBFM takes a three-pronged approach to bringing value to its members: Corporate Events, General Body meetings, and Mentorship Program.

Partnerships with Corporations:

WBFM has cultivated long-standing partnerships with influential corporations from a number of industries including accounting, consulting, finance, and start-ups. Representatives from these corporations, such as Bain, Baker Tilly, FTI Consulting, and Accenture, host events on applicable skills such as resume writing, elevator pitches, and diversity training. WBFM works to achieve an optimal representative to member ratio so you can make meaningful connections.

Networking can be overwhelming, especially with well-known organizations such as Bain. However, many of our Corporate events are networking opportunities in a smaller setting so that you make meaningful connections rather than getting lost in a sea of faces. Our members stand out to recruiters.

General Body Meetings:

Once a month, we meet as WBFM in our general body meetings. In addition to practicing professional skills and building community, we have the opportunity to learn from significant business leaders. Past topics have included TedX style talks, LinkedIn workshops, and messages for McIntire’s Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

WBFM empowers members to engage in other topics that are relevant to becoming a successful female in business. Monthly General Body meetings facilitate this by bringing powerful speakers and topics to our members.

Distinguishing Mentorship Program:

WBFM offers a one-of-a-kind mentorship program that pairs first and second year members interested in Commerce with third and fourth year Commerce students. We believe that our greatest asset are our members. Through our mentorship program, first and second years gain valuable insight to course selection, choosing a career path (whether it be the McIntire School of Commerce or not), and applying to the Commerce school.

Third and Fourth years have a unique opportunity to give back to their community. They are able to make a difference in another student’s academic pursuits and gain valuable communication/leadership skills. WBFM hosts events across Grounds exclusively for mentors and mentees including a tab at Grit Coffee and Take It Away on the Corner.

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