CIO Spotlight: Project Peanut Butter

Career Administrator

With the Healthcare Career Community, we aim to highlight organizations on Grounds that provide non-clinical involvement opportunities for students. One of these organizations is Project Peanut Butter (PPB), led by President Sammi Rappaport. PPB is an international organization that focuses on providing severely malnourished children ready-to-use therapeutic foods (RUTF) in Malawi, Sierra Leone, and Ghana, Africa. Founded by Dr. Mark Manary in 2004, who developed a non-water based nutrient supplement that has helped tens of thousands of young lives.

Specifically to PPB, the group creates the RUTF’s within the country in need with as many local ingredients as possible along with stationing mobile clinic sites where children can receive regular, bi-weekly supplies of RUTF if deemed malnourished. These unique qualities of the group ensure quick and efficient care with job opportunities for the local communities that they are feeding.

At UVA, Project Peanut Butter mainly focuses on fundraising events to aid in the work of the main organization. In an effort to help Project Peanut Butter in these fundraising endeavors, we will highlight and promote PPB events for students to get involved with throughout the year. Additionally, if you would like to join PPB, they hold weekly meetings Mondays at 8 PM in Monroe 118.

Please feel free to email Sammi Rappaport ( with any questions about this organizations and their upcoming events!