The Business of Saving Nature in Costa Rica COMM 4589

Career Administrator

There are many pathways that a student can take to include sustainability in their academics. If you are a student interested in learning more about how economic development, business practices and conservation of biodiversity interact with each other then this study abroad course is perfect for you. The Business of Saving Nature COMM 4589 is a 2018 spring break study abroad course that will take place in Costa Rica.

In this program, the students will learn the tradeoffs related to preserving biological diversity and economic development. Costa Rica contains nearly 5% of the worlds biodiversity, and students will have the opportunity to observe various ecosystems in the Costa Rican Rainforests, Mount Verde, and many other ecologically diverse hotspots of the country.  A series of on grounds classes prior to the beginning of spring break will discuss issues of economics, biodiversity, sustainability, and business practices. This learning will then be applied on site, in a hands-on experience in Costa Rica over the break.

COMM 4589 is a three-credit course with heavy emphasis on participation and engagement grading. The class also includes an in depth writing assignment on a topic of the student's choosing, which is due towards the end of the semester. This is a course that offers direct UVA credit to participants. The course is being offered by the McIntire School of Commerce, however all majors are welcome to apply. COMM 4589 course also satisfies elective requirements for Environmental Thought and Practice majors. Professor Mark White will be teaching the course in Spring 2018, and this will be the eighth year that the course is being offered. Students who have completed the course in the past describe it as "an amazing experience" and "definitely recommended for someone looking to work in sustainability career field".

The estimated cost of the program as calculated by the International Studies Office is $4689.00. A full budget sheet is available on the ISO website. The deadline to apply is November 1, and applicants will be notified of their status by November 10. Scholarships are available for McIntyre students, these scholarships range from $500 to half the total billable cost of the program. 

Non-McIntyre students may eligible for financial aid or grants through Student Financial Services, once a student is accepted into the program SFS may adjust their total cost of attendance and additional scholarships could become available. International Studies Office however does not offer scholarships for spring break programs

The UVA International Studies Office has a full course description for Spring Break in Costa Rica under the Education Abroad Programs section.