be well: a journal for aspiring health professionals at UVA

 The Pre-Health Advising team is excited to announce
be well: a journal for aspiring health professionals at UVA

Published in September 2017, this journal was specifically created for UVA students
who aspire to work in the health professions.

Every student's journey to their future health profession is unique. While it requires completion of a particular combination of courses and exposure to clinical experiences in your area of interest,
it also requires careful reflection.

Who or what impacted your decision to become a healthcare professional? 
How did your experiences lead you to pursue a career in this field?

Not only is it essential to carefully examine your interest and motivation for your career path,
but it is critical to a successful application for your health professional program of choice.
The students who are most prepared to formulate a well-written application, write an impactful personal statement, and clearly express their thoughts in an admissions interview are those who have devoted time to introspection and reflection of their personal development over a period of time.

With this journal, we invite you to pause from time to time.
Slow down.
Evaluate where you are.
Allow yourself to reflect not only on how you plan to complete the journey ahead,
but why you are headed in that direction and what you have learned along the way.

This journal includes: 

  • 10 sections of guided writing questions on topics such as Clinical Experiences, Health Disparities, Ethical Responsibilities, Adaptability & Resiliency, Leadership, & more.
  • Free writing space
  • Inspiring quotes from well-known individuals and UVA alumni
  • Reflections and advice from UVA alumni

So... how do I get one? 
If you are interested in learning more about writing as a useful reflection tool and/or
would like to pick up a copy, please join us for a study break!

Study Break for Pre-Health Hoos
Tuesday, December 5th 
Drop in from 2 - 4 pm
Georges Student Center, 2nd Floor Clemons, Room 204
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