Be a Literacy Lab Tutor: Serve 11 Months, Shape a Lifetime

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The Literacy Lab places rigorously trained, full-time tutors in high-need preschools and elementary schools, helping close the resource gap for schools so they can close the literacy gap for students. Literacy Lab tutors work full-time for one year with school staff and literacy experts to implement structured, evidence-based interventions with age 3 to grade 3 students on a daily basis. 

In the 2017-18 school year, the Literacy Lab plans to place over 200 tutors in four metro areas (Washington, DC; Baltimore, MD; Kansas City, MO; and Richmond, VA). At the same time, our tutors can also expect to grow in this work, benefiting from extensive training and coaching in best practices for early literacy intervention.

Check out this video to see the work Literacy Lab tutors are involved in!​ Apply here.

WHAT: Literacy Lab tutor

WHERE: Richmond, VA; Washington, DC; Baltimore, MD; or Kansas City, MO.


  • 11 months: August 2017 - July 2018
  • Minimum 1700 hours: 40 hours per week as a full time tutor, most which occur during typical school day hours, and about 10-25% which are served outside of daily tutoring in before/afterschool programs)
  • A consistent schedule in a daily school setting
  • Participate in required trainings: 5 day Training Institute (August)
  • Engage in your community (occasional service, counted towards 1700 hours)


  • Living allowance: stipend depends on cost of living in each metro area, and is direct deposited in two equal installments per month. (Note stipend is subject to federal and state taxes)
  • Education award: $5,815 (upon completion), can go to federal student loans and/or to pay tuition or other educational expenses
  • Student loan forbearance
  • Health insurance
  • Childcare assistance if needed


  • Pre-K Literacy Tutor: The Pre-K Literacy Tutor is embedded in a classroom of children ages 3 – 5 to develop children’s early literacy skills in preparation for Kindergarten. Tutors are trained in research-based early literacy strategies and collaborate with the classroom teaching staff to enhance daily literacy opportunities and conduct literacy assessments to increase the number of children on target with early reading predictors.
  • K-3 Tutor: The K-3 Literacy Tutor is placed at an elementary school to provide supplemental practice to children in kindergarten through third grade to develop their reading skills. The elementary literacy tutor will use scripted, evidence-based literacy interventions as guided by his or her coaches and will conduct weekly 1-minute assessments to ensure each student is on track to read at grade level.